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Dr. Mark La Fave wins iCare Provider Service Excellence Award

By Kirk Heminger -  iCare Director of Marketing

 February 18, 2020

The iCare Provider Service Excellence Award recognizes iCare contracted providers who have offered our members superior service that exemplifies iCare’s mission.

Providers can be nominated by iCare Employees or others; nominations are reviewed by a Provider Rewards Program committee. Winning providers receive:

  • an award to display in their place of business
  • positive publicity
  • $500 bonus

About Dr. La Fave

Dr. Mark La Fave is a psychotherapist at Shorehaven Behavioral Health. He was nominated by iCare RN Care Manager, Heather Block. One of Heather’s members had spent most of his life in and out of jail. Heather connected him with multiple providers, including Dr. La Fave. During a care conference, Heather shared that iCare was providing assistance including medical, behavioral health, housing, clothing, appointment coordination and reminders.

Dr. Mark La Fave wins iCare Provider Service Excellence Award

Dr. La Fave requested jail records to learn how the member’s behavioral health was being managed and treated while incarcerated. He regularly contacted the member’s Primary Care doctor to provide updates and discuss methods to treat the member as a whole person, not just his behavioral health. He coordinated care with the member’s family. He assisted the member with strategies to remember to take his medications and attend appointments. Dr. La Fave would call Heather after each session with updates and upcoming appointments. Dr. La Fave even provided his personal number to Heather in case she had urgent updates on a day he was not in the office.

The member went from having weekly sessions, to biweekly, and ultimately completed therapy -- with an open invitation to restart sessions if the member feels the need.

“I would highly recommend Dr. La Fave to anyone that is looking for a Behavioral Health Therapist. He goes above and beyond to individually treat and stabilize his patients to live their lives with managed behavioral health conditions.”

iCare RN Care Manager, Heather Block.


Congratulations to Dr. La Fave!


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Kirk Heminger

Kirk Heminger - iCare Director of Marketing

Kirk directs marketing and community partnerships for iCare. He joined iCare in April of 2017. In addition to over 14 years of insurance experience, he also has experience leading marketing and lead generation in the technology industry and began his career as a copywriter for an advertising and graphic design agency. He has a Journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. His current responsibilities include leading a talented team of individuals to implement branding, advertising, lead generation, communications, public relations, events, sponsorships and digital strategy.

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