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MFD’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare Team Recognizes Partnership with iCare

By Kirk Heminger -  iCare Director of Marketing

October 21, 2019

Captain Michael Wright of the Milwaukee Fire Department doesn’t remember a lot of stress-free days lately. But he does remember to thank those who’ve helped him and his team achieve results.

Since 2014, Wright has led the Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program which, in cooperation with iCare, aims to proactively address chronic health issues that cause residents to repeatedly call 911.

MFD's Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program commended iCare for partnership in reducing emergency room overuse and encouraging proper emergency department utilization.

Captain Michael Wright presented Lisa Holden and the iCare team a certificate of appreciation and a challenge coin on behalf of the Mobile Integrated Healthcare Team.

In May of this year, the scope of Wright’s responsibilities expanded as he assumed responsibility for the Milwaukee Overdose Response Initiative. This effort puts into practice the recommendations of the Milwaukee City-County Heroin, Opioid, and Cocaine Task Force. It aims to save lives by finding trends in data while also providing more direct avenues to treatment and providing in-school education. The effort is led by the Milwaukee Fire Department and the Milwaukee Health Department.

On a Friday in August, Captain Michael Wright came to iCare with one thing in mind: to offer iCare a framed-certificate of appreciation, a pair of challenge coins, and his heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Mobile Integrated Healthcare Team. Wright and his team are well aware that the opioid crisis is a formidable foe that won’t go down without a fight. But his team has seen early successes and he wanted to thank the partners within the community that have shown willingness to work with his team – and with each other – to join forces for the greater good.

What’s a Challenge Coin?

If you are not familiar with challenge coins, here’s a quick bit of background. A challenge coin is a specially-designed metal coin produced in limited quantities and given to someone to confirm membership in an organization or group or honor them for a special achievement. Their origin dates back to the military and have since grown in popularity among others, including first responders. In this case only 100 coins were made. Two were given to iCare; one to iCare President and CEO Tom Lutzow, the other to Lisa Holden, iCare VP of Accountable Care.   

MFD's Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program awarded coins to iCare for partnership in reducing emergency room overuse.      iCare commended for reducing emergency room overuse and encouraging appropriate emergency department utilization.   

A strong relationship

“We entered into this relationship because we thought MIH offered strengths that complemented those of our care teams, and vice versa,” said Holden. “Their motto ‘Focusing on the individual as a whole’ really aligned well with the way we view our members.

“Through open communication on both sides, we’ve seen these benefits become reality, as well as others we couldn’t have predicted. This commendation will be displayed in a location of honor at iCare.”

Learn more about Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program

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Kirk Heminger

Kirk Heminger - iCare Director of Marketing

Kirk directs marketing for iCare. He joined iCare in April of 2017. In addition to over 10 years of insurance experience, he also has experience leading marketing and lead generation in the technology industry and began his career as a copywriter for an advertising and graphic design agency. He has a Journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. His current responsibilities include leading a talented team of individuals to implement branding, advertising, lead generation, communications, public relations, events, sponsorships and digital strategy.

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