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iCare featured in video by Thriving Communities

By Kirk Heminger -  iCare Director of Marketing

 April 29, 2020

Video shows how personalized care sets iCare apart

Thriving Communities makes films of people effecting positive change...including one about iCare. 


Have you ever made a decision to move forward with a project without knowing all the details? I try not to do that, but the decision to work with Thriving Communities was one of those times...and I've never regretted it. 

Thriving Communities is an organization whose mission is "to support remarkable people doing uncommon work for the common good." They grew out of the inspirations/machinations of Jerry Millhon with his work at the Whidbey Institute. It began as a call to action; to tell stories about people and processes that celebrate neighborhoods or communities as they grow.

iCare's VP of Accountable Care, Lisa Holden, had known Jerry for years, so Jerry had heard of the unique approach iCare takes to serving some of society's most vulnerable members. Eventually, Thriving Communities approached iCare to create a video about real iCare members, partners and staff. They wanted to help show how iCare's unique brand of personalized care delivers meaningful, life-changing results for members.

The request was simple: they'd need iCare's permission to come speak with iCare staff, iCare community partners and iCare members themselves. Maybe they could use some help with scheduling and logistics and they'd handle the rest. Oh, and one other gentle request: stay out their way. They asked really nicely with tactful references about too many cooks in the kitchen....that sort of thing.

Understand that iCare is filled with people who relinquish control relucantly...after all, we're each proud of our contributions to making iCare what it is. But we quickly came to understand that Jerry appreciated the work iCare does. In some ways, he was in awe of what iCare has built, and the difference iCare makes in peoples' lives. He understood immediately that iCare is no ordinary health insurance company. I think you'll find that sentiment comes across in the video. 

We're pleased to share this video with you. Unless you work for iCare, you don't have the opportunity to meet our members, to hear the challenges faced by our community partners, and to relive the "stories from the front-lines" by our care managers, care coordinators, nurse practitioners, health coaches and other staff.  But this video is the next best thing, whether you are:

  • A current provider, or thinking of joining the iCare network.
  • A community based organization currently working with iCare, or maybe you haven't yet worked with iCare.
  • Someone considering applying to work at iCare, wondering: What does iCare do? What is it like to work there?

Whoever you are, we invite you to take an eleven-minute peek behind the curtain. 

Special thanks to Jerry Millhon, Ross Monagle and all who helped turn this video from idea to a finished product. Enjoy!

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IC253  4/29/20


Kirk Heminger

Kirk Heminger - iCare Director of Marketing

Kirk directs marketing and community partnerships for iCare. He joined iCare in April of 2017. In addition to over 14 years of insurance experience, he also has experience leading marketing and lead generation in the technology industry and began his career as a copywriter for an advertising and graphic design agency. He has a Journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. His current responsibilities include leading a talented team of individuals to implement branding, advertising, lead generation, communications, public relations, events, sponsorships and digital strategy.

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