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Pharmacy in iCare Network Recognized for COVID-19 Efforts

North Shore Pharmacy featured by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

By Kirk Heminger -  iCare Director of Marketing

February 3, 2021

Pharmacist Kyle Beyer gives a COVID vaccination to Lauri Roth on at North Shore Pharmacy,

Pharmacist Kyle Beyer gives a COVID vaccination at North Shore Pharmacy  - Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Greetings, just a quick blog article today to recognize North Shore Pharmacy, a pharmacy in the iCare provider network. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters Mary Spicuzza and Eddie Morales featured North Shore in an article titled How the new owners of an 89-year-old pharmacy reinvented and found a simple, local way to administer vaccines.

"We've been working with Kyle Beyer and his team for several years. iCare first established a relationship with him while he was working for Pick N Save Pharmacy but expanded the relationship since he took over the ownership of North Shore Pharmacy," said iCare Director of Pharmacy Services, Sarah Dykstra. "We have a great working relationship with them, and we hope to continue to build it."

Located at 1421 E. Capitol Drive in Shorewood, North Shore Pharmacy is convenient for many iCare members. In addition to COVID-19 vaccinations, North Shore Pharmacy has also been active in COVID-19 testing: They have conducted more than 3,000 molecular tests and more than 500 rapid-result tests. As Beyer states in the article, there are certain services independent pharmacies can do that large chain pharmacy just aren't able to do. "We take a lot of pride in being able to be flexible and quickly adapt to those needs."

Congratulations for being recognized for your role in helping us move past the pandemic. There's a long way to go, but we'll get there. Check out the's a good read!

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Kirk Heminger

Kirk Heminger - iCare Director of Marketing

Kirk directs marketing and community partnerships for iCare. He joined iCare in April of 2017. In addition to over 14 years of insurance experience, he also has experience leading marketing and lead generation in the technology industry and began his career as a copywriter for an advertising and graphic design agency. He has a Journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. His current responsibilities include leading a talented team of individuals to implement branding, advertising, lead generation, communications, public relations, events, sponsorships and digital strategy.

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