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2019 Provider Satisfaction Survey

Provider Feedback and iCare Response

We understand that iCare and our providers are each much more effective when we work together. That includes listening to providers so we can make working with iCare easy for providers. Here are examples of what we asked, and what we learned.

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Are your claims processed in a timely manner?


Provider response: “Claims are not even processed until at least 1 week after receipt.  You usually make the 30-day rule.”

iCare response: This question will be revised to state, “Are claims processed per contract”.  “Timely” can be subjective, however, there is contract language between iCare and its providers that outlines claims processing times.

Did the iCare Network Development Contract Specialist respond timely and politely to contracting inquiries?


Provider response: “The application to be a provider was submitted in Nov 2017. We finally got a contract in March 2019.  iCare was in the middle of a big project, so we had to wait.” 

“I have not had any response to a contracting application that I submitted.”

iCare response: Currently iCare has a manual process for monitoring contract aging.  To improve the monitoring and contracting status update process iCare is updating workflows for the contract process. 

Is your listing on the iCare online Provider Search Tool Accurate?


Provider response: “I have done this update, but the changes have not been implemented.”

iCare response: iCare encourages providers to periodically check their information on the Provider Search Tool. 

If your information is inaccurate, you can update it from the Update Contract Info page. 

iCare has also updated the Provider Directory Audit Tool. This audit is now done monthly and quarterly to ensure accuracy.

Did you find the onboarding training offered by iCare helpful?


Provider response: “What is onboarding training?”

iCare response: “Onboarding” is new provider training. This question is only relevant for new providers so it will be removed from the Recredentialed Provider Survey. In addition, the question will be re-worded to state: "Did you find the new provider training helpful?"

Have you utilized the provider training webinars on iCare’s website?


Provider response: “I will review this information.”

iCare response: New provider webinars are currently being updated and will be added to the website. Watch for those.

Miscellaneous info:


How do you as a provider want to be notified of upcoming changes, i.e. provider forums, email blasts, other? Please provide any responses to this question to

What types of provider webinars would you be interested in seeing? Please provide any responses to this question to

In addition to the required topics for the monthly provider bulletin, what else would you like to see in there? Please provide any responses to this question to

Are you interested in participating as a member on one or more of iCare’s Quality Committees, Stakeholder Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC), Grievances and Appeals Committee, Credentials Review Committee (CRC)? Please provide any responses to this question to


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