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Over-the-Counter Program

for members of iCare Family Care Partnership

You're in control: Use your OTC prepaid debit card to buy OTC items in a retail store or pharmacy or order over the phone or online.

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Each month iCare will deposit funds into an account. It is linked to a prepaid benefits card so iCare Family Care Partnership members can purchase the over-the-counter (OTC) items used every day. Items like bandages, pain relievers, cold medicine, toothpaste, vitamins, and much more.

Buy in-store or through your OTC catalog, or in-store with the iCare OTC Benefits Card!

This is an added benefit that does not cost you anything. You pay a $0 co-pay, $0 co-insurance, and $0 deductible.


Funds are added every month

As an iCare Family Care Partnership member, you'll receive $15 monthly to use on eligible OTC items. Your $180 annual benefit can be used any time within 2021. It will re-set in 2022. 

Step-by-Step Videos Answer Questions Like:

  • How do I use the app?
  • How do I find product savings?
  • Where can I use my iCare benefit card?
  • And many more!

get the most out of your iCare benefits card.                  get the most out of your iCare benefits card.                   get the most out of your iCare benefits card.

They make it easy to get the most out of your iCare benefits card.

Show me the videos!

How the Program Works

You will get a prepaid benefits card in the mail. The card will be activated. And your first month’s OTC dollar amount will be loaded onto the card.  NOTE: It is important to keep the benefits card in your wallet, purse, bag – anywhere safe.

You can purchase OTC items in two ways:

  1. Purchase OTC items in a participating retail store or pharmacy.
  2. Or if making a trip to the store is hard, you can use the OTC product catalog. Place an order using your prepaid benefits card by calling DrugSource, or order on the DrugSource website for your plan

Purchasing Items in a Retail Store or Pharmacy

You can use your iCare benefits card to purchase covered OTC items in a retail store. You cannot use your card on a retail store's website. (You can, however, purchase from the DrugSource website for your plan. )

To locate retailers and/or look up items  to purchase, visit

You can make as many purchases as you want, up to your plan's monthly amount. 

Please note: Every retail store and/or pharmacy has their own return policy. Be sure to check the return policy at the store(s) you shop before buying.

How it works:

  1. Take your iCare benefits card with you to a participating store.
  2. Select the approved items you want to buy then go to the store checkout lanes.
  3. When you are making a purchase, you can give your iCare benefit card to the person at the register. You do not need a prescription and do not need to go to the pharmacy window. You can also swipe the card using the debit/credit card swipe machine for payment, if it is available. Purchases of approved items are  deducted from your card balance.  If you don’t use your entire monthly amount, the remaining money will carry over to the next month. The remaining balance reverts to iCare at the end of the year OR if you leave the plan.
  4. The payment will be  made from your account as long as you have enough money in the account. Always keep your receipts of purchases and payments for your records and to track the amounts you spent.

Retail stores or pharmacies you can use include: 

  • DrugSource
  • CVS (Stand alone pharmacies. Card IS NOT good at the CVS Pharmacies located in Target).
  • Dollar General
  • Family Dollar
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

Eligible ProductsPurchase OTC items in a participating retail store or pharmacy. Or if making a trip to the store is hard, you can use the OTC product catalog and place an order.

OTC (over-the-counter) items are available without a prescription or simply "over the counter." OTC drugs are in contrast to prescription drugs that require a doctor's order. Whether you buy through a store or your catalog, a wide variety of products are OTC-eligible, in categories including:

  • Batteries (hearing aid)
  • Cold & Allergy 
  • Compression Support
  • Diabetes Care 
  • Digestive Health 
  • Eye & Ear Care
  • Feminine Care
  • First Aid
  • Foot Care
  • Health Supports
  • Home Diagnostics & Patient Aids for Daily Living 
  • Home Health Care 
  • Incontinence
  • Oral Care
  • Pain Relief
  • Patient Skin Care
  • Physical Fitness & Exercise Equipment 
  • Skin Care
  • Smoking Deterrents 
  • Sun Care 
  • Vitamins & Dietary
  • Supplements 
  • Weight Management & Nutritional Foods 

View the OTC Network Medicare Catalog for more information about items within these categories.

For examples of specific products please see your OTC Catalog or visit

*Products may vary by store.

Purchasing Using Your OTC Catalog

You can purchase lower-cost generics or familiar brand-name products. Your OTC benefit lets you make the choice!

Look over the list of eligible items in this catalog. Then organize your order by using the forms in the back of this catalog. These forms were created to make it easy for you to place your order over the phone. Be sure to write your Plan ID number on the form or have your ID card handy. You should also have your prepaid benefits card with you when you make the call.

NOTE: Due to the personal nature of these products, returns are not accepted. You are only allowed one purchase every month,  but you can order as many items as you wish on that order.

When you are ready, you can place your order by phone or on the website. To order by phone, call DrugSource at 1-877-319-9667 (TTY 1-800-526-0844), Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. 

Members of iCare Family Care Partnership can order online at

Items will be shipped to your home FREE of charge.

What You Need To Know About Your OTC Account

Your plan will not cover items not belonging to the categories on the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services OTC list. OTC items may be purchased for the use of member’s use only. You cannot purchase items for friends or family members. This benefit is ONLY for you — the Plan member. Some items, in certain cases , may be covered under either Part B or Part D. When you receive these items under Part B or Part D, you may not purchase these items through your OTC benefit.

Checking Your Balance

You can check the balance on your prepaid benefits card at any time by:

  • Calling 1-888-682-2400. You will be asked to enter your OTC card number. The number is also on the back of your card.
  • Visiting the online member portal at Once on the site, you will be asked to enter your OTC benefit card number.
  • Calling iCare at 1-800-777-4376 (TTY 711) or the iCare Pharmacy Services Helpline: 1-866-938-0406 (TTY 711).

Replacing Your Benefit Card

If you happen to lose your benefits card or it gets stolen, call Customer Service at 1-800-777-4376 (TTY 711). A replacement card will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days.

Did you know that you could SAVE MORE with your  benefit card?


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And, did you know that your benefit card comes with preloaded discounts and coupons to help you save even more?

No clipping coupons. Just swipe at the checkout and save when you shop in-store at participating retailers which include:

Shop at popular stores and pharmacies with the iCare OTC Benefits Card
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