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iCare Family Care Partnership Plan

iCare Family Care Partnership Plan

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Am I eligible to join iCare Family Care Partnership?

You are eligible if you:

  • Are an adult with a physical or developmental disability or are 60 years of age or over
  • Live in our service area 
  • Are financially eligible for Wisconsin Medicaid
  • Are functionally eligible as determined by the State of Wisconsin Long-Term Care Functional Screen
  • Do not have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), with limited exceptions, such as if you develop ESRD when you are already a member of a plan that we offer, or you were a member of a different plan that was terminated

If you are eligible for Medicare you must be enrolled in all the parts of Medicare for which you are eligible (Part A, Part B, and/or
Part D).



iCare Family Care Partnership Service Area Map

How do I sign up and start managing my own care?

iCare Family Care Partnership provides members with medical, dental, behavioral health, vision and prescription drug coverage through care coordination…and you have the option to self-direct some of your long-term care services.

Contact the Aging & Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) in your county to assist you in reviewing your options and enrolling in iCare Family Care Partnership. Membership is voluntary, and you can disenroll at any time.

Local Aging & Disability Resource Centers

Dane County Aging & Disability Resource Center

Northside Town Center
2865 N. Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI 53704

(TTY: Wisconsin Relay 771)
 View Website

Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center

8600 Sheridan Road, Suite 500
Kenosha, WI 53143-6514

(TTY/TDD: 262-605-6663)

 View Website

Milwaukee Disability Resource Center
(For people ages 18-59)

1220 W Vliet St., Suite 3
Milwaukee, WI 53205


 View Website

Milwaukee Aging Resource Center
(For people over 60 years of age)

310 W. Wisconsin Ave., 5th Floor W.
Milwaukee, WI 53221

(TTY/TDD: 414-289-8591)

 View Website

Racine County Aging & Disability Resource Center

14200 Washington Ave
Sturtevant, WI 53177

(TTY: Wisconsin Relay 771)

 View Website

Sauk County Aging & Disability Resource Center

West Square Building, Room #102
505 Broadway
Baraboo, WI 53913

(608) 355-3289
(800) 482-3710
(TTY: Wisconsin Relay 771)

 View Website

Heard About the New OTC Benefits Card?

New prepaid card lets you buy through your OTC catalog or at stores and pharmacies. It's your choice!

iCare's OTC Benefits Card is a prepaid OTC Debit Card. Use in-store or order via catalog. 
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