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iCare specializes in managed care health insurance plans for people at every stage or need in their life.

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Medicare Plans


iCare Medicare Plan

iCare Medicare Plan (HMO D-SNP)

The iCare Medicare Plan is a Medicare Advantage program that offers health care benefits for all eligible Medicare beneficiaries with special needs. This plan is available to anyone who has both medical assistance from the State and Medicare.

You keep the Medicare/Medicaid benefits you already receive, plus get extra savings and extra help. These added benefits are extra, over and above what you already get!

iCare Medicare Plan

Aurora CompleteCare

Aurora CompleteCare (HMO D-SNP)

Building upon Aurora Health Care’s history of providing high-quality care and iCare's model of care, Aurora CompleteCare will help you manage all your benefits, so that you get the health care services and payment assistance that you are entitled to, from Wisconsin’s largest health care provider.

Aurora CompleteCare

iCare Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO)

By combining medical and prescription drug coverage, and added healthcare benefits such as Over-the-Counter products, vision and dental care, iCare Medicare Advantage Plan will help fill in the gaps Original Medicare doesn’t cover.  This plan is available exclusively to residents of Boone County and Winnebago County, Illinois.

iCare Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicaid/Badger Care Plans

iCare Medicaid SSI Plan

iCare Medicaid SSI Plan

The iCare Medicaid SSI plan brings together your medical, social, and community service needs. We work with doctors, nurses, and other health care providers who support people with different abilities, are close to your home, and are sensitive to the needs of many cultures.

iCare Medicaid SSI Plan

iCare BadgerCare Plus Plan

iCare BadgerCare Plus Plan

BadgerCare Plus is a program for low-income Wisconsin residents that provides access to health care services for adults and children. It covers primary and preventive care, as well as prescription drugs.

As an iCare BadgerCare Plus member, you have access to community resources and additional supports and services to get the care you need.

iCare BadgerCare Plus Plan

iCare Family Partnership Plan

iCare Family Care Partnership Plan

iCare Family Care Partnership Plan (HMO D-SNP)

iCare Family Care Partnership is a health and long-term care program that fully integrates all aspects of health care. It is designed to meet the long-term care needs of frail older adults and adults who have who have physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities.

iCare Family Care Partnership Plan

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Know Someone Who Deserves a Better Health Plan?

If you have friends or family with Medicare and Medicaid, let us know so we can see if they're eligible for extra care and extra benefits through iCare.  

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Recent News

iCare Connect 2020 Issue 2

We're all surrounded by COVID–19 news. So, we hope you'll enjoy some uplifting success stories that be began before the pandemic. iCare was featured in a video! How did this come about? Thriving Communities asked us if they could create a video about iCare members and staff to help show how we put our core values into action and deliver meaningful results for our members.

2020 iCare Connect Issue 1

2020 iCare Connect Issue 1, A newsletter to share iCare news and information with our Partners and Stakeholders

Experts talk future of mental health services in Milwaukee

Wisconsin Health News covered the Behavioral Health Redesign Forum sponsored by iCare. Here's what they had to say about the future of mental health services in Milwaukee.

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Latest Documents


YOU LIVE IN AN AREA WHERE MANY COVID–19 INFECTIONS ARE HAPPENING People from your area are coming down with COVID–19 more often and getting sicker. If you or the ones you love have underlying medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or decreased immune system, they put you at the highest risk of getting COVID–19.

COVID-19 Message to Young iCare Members

THE YOUNG ARE AT RISK! More young people are being hospitalized in the United States. Young people and individuals with underlying medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or decreased immune system are at a very high risk. This is no joke!

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