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iCare Family Care Partnership
Member Rights

As a member, you are entitled to certain rights and services. You also have a responsibility to participate in your health care. A good partnership between you and your health care provider will enhance our ability to provide appropriate services and your ability to receive the maximum benefit from services.

We must honor your rights as a member of iCare Family Care Partnership. To learn more, please refer to your plan documents (Evidence of Coverage and Medicaid-only Member Handbook) on the Member Documents page.

Your Rights

  1. You have the right to be included in the care management process of an assessment of your understanding of your rights.
  2. We must provide information in a way that works for you.
  3. We must treat you with dignity, respect, and fairness always.
  4. We must ensure that you get timely access to your covered services.
  5. We must protect the privacy of your personal health information.
  6. We must give you access to your medical records.
  7. We must give you information about iCare Family Care Partnership, our network of providers, and available services.
  8. We must support your right to make decisions about your care.
  9. You have the right to receive your Partnership services in places that let you be a true part of the community in which you live.
  10. You have a right to file a grievance or appeal if you are dissatisfied with your care or services. For information about grievances and appeals, please refer to plan documents Evidence of Coverage and Medicaid-only Member Handbook, or the Grievances and Appeals page on the iCare web site.

Your Responsibilities 

There are things you need to do as a member of iCare Family Care Partnership.  For information about your responsibilities as a member, please refer to plan documents Evidence of Coverage and Medicaid-only Member Handbook. If you have any questions, please contact your Care Team.  We are here to help.

H2237_IC2203_DHS approved 10/24/22
Updated 10/24/22


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