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Welcome iCare Providers

iCare’s purpose is to measurably improve the health of our members. iCare understands that to achieve this, it is essential to build and maintain relationships with high-quality providers.

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iCare Providers can access information online that makes iCare easy to do business with

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How to Join the iCare network of contracted providers? Start here!

Join Us

iCare welcomes a variety of providers to join our Provider Network to assure the broadest choice of quality providers for iCare Members. As iCare continues to grow, so does our network of providers.

Join Us  Application and Credentialing

iCare Provider Awards Program means recognition, an award and a cash prize

Provider Rewards Program

High-quality care is expected and delivered by providers across our network. Providers who’ve gone “above and beyond” can be recognized and rewarded though this program.

Provider Rewards Program

iCare Quality Programs measure quality of care for continual improvement.

Quality Programs at iCare

iCare strives to improve health outcomes for our members. That’s why we work in conjunction with numerous industry, state and federal programs to measure our results.

Quality Programs

iCare Provider Reference Manuals are a provider’s primary resources to efficiently conduct transactions related to iCare members.

Provider Reference Manuals

These manuals are a provider’s primary resources to efficiently conduct transactions related to iCare members.

Medicare & Medicaid Manual

FCP Manual 

How do I contact iCare? Start here!

Contacting iCare

Whether you are already an iCare provider or looking to become one, we make it easy for you to communicate with the people you need to connect with.

Contact Us

How do I find iCare Doctors, Hospitals and other providers in the iCare network? Start here.

Find a Provider

Quickly review your listing – or the listings of other physicians, facilities, pharmacies or other contracted providers – using iCare’s Find A Provider tool.

Find a Provider


If you need to update demographics or add/remove providers,  please use the applicable form:

Name, Tax ID, Physical or Billing Address Changes:

Demographic Change Form

Adding or removing providers associated with a contracted provider group:

Affiliation Change Form


Provider Documents

All documentation that providers need to do business with iCare is in one convenient location. Handy filters help you locate forms, applications, policies or whatever you need.

View Provider Documents

Recent News & Documents

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Recent News

InforMED Provider eNewsletter December 2019

Edition discusses iCare's new Urine Drug Screen Policy, Pharmacy changes for iCare Family Care Partnership Medicaid only members, update to iCare's Personal Care Worker policy, and the new iCare Medicare Advantage plan, coming to Illinois

iCare launches Illinois Medicare Advantage plan - Wisconsin Health News

Milwaukee-based iCare is planning to launch a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan (MA-PD) next year in Illinois called iCare Medicare Advantage Plan. Boone and Winnebago counties will be first.

Illinois sees growth in new Medicare Advantage plans - Health News Illinois

Several health plans including iCare have announced new Medicare Advantage Plans in Illinois. The iCare Medicare Advantage Plan combines personal care and added benefits, initially for residents of Boone & Winnebago counties.

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Latest Documents

Fraud Waste and Abuse

Healthcare fraud, waste and abuse protocol

Vision Claims

Vision Claims Guideline

Therapy Claims

Therapy Services Claims Processing Guideline


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