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What is it and what does it mean?


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Interoperability aims to give people access to their health information when they need it most and in a way they can best use it. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) put this into action with many of the programs it oversees, including Medicare Advantage, through a regulations aimed at improving patient access to health plan information.

As an iCare member, this means you will have the option to access your health information in a new way. This is part of an initiative to better connect and share important information that can also help researchers and public health agencies to better understand and meet the nation’s health challenges.

Overall, this regulation requires that health plans enable patients through independent third-party applications (apps) on mobile devices, and with your authorization, to access your health information maintained by iCare. Note: iCare does not necessarily maintain your entire medical record. Additional information should be sought from your healthcare provider(s).

Frequently Asked Questions by Members

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What is the advantage of this regulation?

The regulation puts patients at the center of their care. It helps members get data and health plans to better assist members.

How does this new regulation change how I get my health information?

Interoperability allows you to access your electronic health information through a third-party application (app) of your choice, which you can then view on a mobile device.

How can I access my health information through a third-party application?

First, you must have an online iCare member account. You can create one or access your existing online member account at .

Then you will need to download a third-party app. The application will get your health information electronically from iCare and make it available for you to view in the third-party app. View available applications at

Which applications are currently available?

You can view available applications at

What data is available to members?
  • Provider Directory

  • Pharmacy Directory

  • Claims

  • Clinical

  • Prescription Drug List (Formulary)

I was previously an iCare member. How can I share iCare’s health information about me with my current plan?

Contact your current plan and ask them to help you retrieve and share your data with your current plan.

What should I do if I need support for an app?

iCare makes members aware of available applications, but understand that iCare does not create them. If you encounter difficulties or have questions about an app, contact the Support team for the app. iCare lists support information for apps at this page of available third-party apps:

Information for Payers

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As a payer, how can I exchange data between my organization and iCare?
  • Register as a payer using iCare’s Payer Portal.

  • The iCare admin will approve account registration from payers.

  • Once the payer account is approved, the payer will receive an email with the login instructions to the payer portal.

  • The payer will submit the application registration using the Payer Portal. This will trigger an email to the iCare administrator.

  • The iCare administrator will approve app requests from payers.

  • Members will follow the process as defined by their current payer.

Information for Developers

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How can developers access information from iCare?

iCare has implemented the CMS Patient Access Mandate. The third-party application developers will have to create an account using

Once the account is approved by the iCare administrator, the third-party application developers can register their respective applications via the developer portal.

Third-party application developers will have to create an account using Once the account is approved by the iCare administrator, the third-party application developers can register their respective applications via the developer portal for accessing any of the following APIs:

  • Provider Directory
  • Rx Directory
  • Medical Claims
  • Clinical
  • Formulary
How can I learn more about the SAFHIR platform offered by iCare?

Frequently asked questions, installation information, security information, documentation about the SAFHIR development portal and more are all available at

For links to the Capability Statements and Swagger documentation to assist developers for the Patient Access API covered by the CMS Interoperability, go to:



How long is access granted to developers?

Access for developers will continue as long as they have an active account.

What third-party apps are available?

Click to view the list of apps currently available

Last Updated 2/20/23


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